Playing second fiddle

Ormsby Hypemachine

Olympus OM-D EM1, Panasonic Nocticron 42.5 mm, ISO 200, f1.2, 1/80 sec.

木材 – wood / timber / lumber – Holz / Bauholz

Third post and another one of my hobbies is featured. Admittedly I have spent more time recently photographing my guitars rather than playing them, but I am hoping to get back into the swing of things again soon. Pictured is my beautiful custom made Ormsby Hypemachine from the 2014 run with curly redwood sinker top. Getting used to the 7th string has proved difficult!

Drittes Post und noch eines meiner Hobbys spielt die Hauptrolle. Wenn ich ehrlich bin, muss ich zu geben, dass ich meine Gitarren in der letzen Zeit öfters fotografiert als gespielt habe. Ich hoffe aber diese Situation bald zu berichtigen. Abgebildet ist meine schöne handgefertigte Ormsby Hypemachine von der 2014 Reihe mit ‘curly redwood sinker’ Decke. Es fiel mir schwer mit der siebten Seite klar zu kommen!

2 thoughts on “Playing second fiddle

  1. Cool blog broski! Its not only the 7th string that you have to get used to, but also the curved fretboard shape. I only recently learned about curved fretboards, and it is amazing to see that you already own one! I’m loving the natural finish as well as black hardware! Totally an awesome ax indeed.

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    1. Thanks Kevin and sorry you have had to wait so long for a reply!
      You are right, it has taken a while to adjust to having both a 7th string and fanned frets, but actually the most difficult thing to adjust to has been the extended scale length! The multiscale (fan frets) has taken too much to adjust to and it is mainly just with bends where I find myself making regular mistakes (over and above all of the mistakes I still make on a regular scale guitar!).
      It is a beautiful guitar and was well worth the one and a half year wait to receive it.
      So when are you coming around to have a shred on it, mate? 🙂


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