The path less traveled

A lonely forest road / Ein einsamer Waldweg

Olympus OM-D EM1, Olympus M.Zuiko Pro 12-40 mm at 40 mm, ISO 800, f5.6, 1/100 sec.

森 – forest – der Wald

Like I pointed out last time around, the weather has been almost non-stop grey over here. While it has been quite depressing, it has also opened up the opportunity for some moody photography. The street pictured is one of several in the forest that I cycle through on my way to work each day. I think that the only vehicles that travel through here on a regular basis are the woodcutters who come through to make sure that none of the trees are at risk of falling onto hikers. My original plan was to post a photo of the main sealed road through the forest, but I found that the photo came out quite cold. In contrast I think this image has a nice blend of warm through cold colours rising from the lower portion and transitioning towards the top.

Als ich letztes Mal schrieb, war das Wetter nichts außer grau in den vergangenen Wochen. Es war dementsprechend deprimierend und meine Fotografie ist diesen Pfad auch gefolgt. Der Weg, der hier abgebildet ist, ist einer von mehreren, die den Wald durchqueren und ich fahre täglich vorbei auf meinen Arbeitsweg. Ich glaube es sind nur die Fahrzeuge von regierungsgesponsorten Holzfällern, die hier halbwegs regelmäßig entlang fahren. Mein erster Plan war ein Bild von der betonierten Hauptstraße durch den Wald zu posten, aber das Bild ist sehr kalt herausgekommen. Im Gegenteil finde ich, dass das Bild hier eine schöne Mischung aus warm und kalt Farben hat, die vertikal verlaufen.

2 thoughts on “The path less traveled

  1. Alte Reaktorstrasse is it Brad? Ah yes, I remember the first time I clapped eyes on this forest road with a vanishing point. I was walking to work at that time; it seemed a ridiculously long way. Possibly a trick of the light. Much faster on a bicycle of course!


    1. Well alte Reaktorstrasse was the plan and I did take some photos along its length, but found that the photos came out very cold in regards to temperature. This was one of the dirt tracks that runs perpendicular to it through the forest. It is indeed pretty quick going on the bicycle. When I cross the train lines in the morning I know that I have pretty much arrived. 🙂


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