The scenic route

Not your typical highway / Keine typische Autobahn

Olympus OM-D EM1, Olympus M.Zuiko Pro 12-40 mm at 21 mm, ISO 200, f8, 1/200 sec.


Well I hate to admit it, but the Valley of Stars does not exactly rank up there with Switzerland’s prettiest places. Scenes such as the one above, taken from Lugano and looking in the direction of Italy are much more likely to feature in tourist guides. We started hiking up San Salvatore shortly before the long sunset of the mountainous region began in earnest and I was getting a bit antsy when it started to get dark and we hadn’t reached the top yet. We were hiking in the shadow of the mountain, though, so there was still plenty of time to take ‘magic hour’ photos once we were up there.

OK, ich möchte es nicht zu geben, aber der ‘Valley of Stars’ kann nicht mit den schönsten Orten der Schweiz konkurrieren. Szenen wie oben abgebildet, von Lugano in der Richtung Italien gemacht, finden sich viel wahrscheinlicher einen Platz im Touristenführer. Wir sind mit dem Aufstieg von San Salvatore kurz vor die Abenddämmerung angefangen ist und ich bin schon Nervös geworden, als es dunkelte bevor wir den Gipfel erreicht haben. Wir sind aber im Schatten des Berges gewandert und so gab es mehr as genügend Zeit als wir oben ankamen, um Landschaftsbilder in der ‘magische Stunde’ zu machen.


2 thoughts on “The scenic route

  1. Stunning! I love this place. You’ve done such a good job of capturing the play of light over the water, and of balancing the horizon line with other demanding elements (sinusoidal curves, light funnels, and the “weight” of land in its various states of shade).

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    1. Thank you Kim for your very poetic comment! And thank you for encouraging us to make the climb. We didn’t stay up on San Salvatore oh so long, but it was definitely a beautiful experience while it lasted.
      I also really like the way that the shadows funnel the last of the sunlight and make it appear as if there might be one other, more magical path toward the distant horizon.


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